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Blue Honey~ Artist Spotlight!!!

In every medium of fiction, there are no situations more popular and anticipated than a crossover of characters or entities to produce a much higher-stakes endeavor. When you let that happen in real life, especially when music is involved, the results are even sweeter. Enter Blue Honey, a husband and wife duo in Nashville, TN....

2016 Southern Musician Showcase

Belk Salutes the winners of the Southern Musician Showcase: Kelsey Lewis, Joel Cross, Blue Honey, Jennifer B and The Groove, and Scott Ivey. Go to to learn more.

Hello, World!

Blue Honey Explores Life, Love As 1

When married singer-songwriters Troy Brooks and Kassie Jordan formed country duo Blue Honey in 2015, they committed to pursing a dream in addition to sharing their lives. The title of the Nashville-based couple's debut EP - simply called - aptly captures that union.

Belk Southern Music Showcase Winner & Carolina's Very Own: Bluehoney

Working with your spouse can unfold in either one of two ways: seeing each other everyday provokes you to clean every inch of the bathroom with their tooth brush orrrrr it's a constant reminder of why you fell in love in the first place.